Welcome to the Corgo Cove

The following piece is written from the third person by the corgi cove writer. This story was written and curated by Miwa Bunny.

The breeze hits my face as I step out of the special cave entrance into an enclosed, wonder of nature little space. In front of me sits an entrance, that reads “Starpaws Coffee.” I giggle throughout the whole moment I am lead by my hostess into the small cafe building that rests sea side.

A half moon bay nestled and surrounded by mountains. I cannot pinpoint the exact ocean that overlooks the cove, but the sun, seagulls, sounds and craft put into the building of this place, is a thing out of this world.

Miwa sits at the edge of the building and looks back at me with a smile, she extends her hand and pans it left to right. “Welcome to the Cove.” She says with a smile on her face, I sit down next to her and smile back.

“So you finaly came.” I nod at her comment. “I am glad. This is the Corgo Cove. My small pieces of heaven on earth.” she says as she looks to the ocean, I hear the waves crash into the rocks and the oh so strange silence of being surrounded by so many rock cliffs and more. I turn to her and see her standing up. “Come along.” she says leading me back up through the tunnel. We take a cab and eventually reach the smallest city I’ve known.

“This is Corgo Cove City, this is where most of our residents live, we have shops, restaurants, hangout spots and more. Feel free to explore all you need.” she says as she keeps walking with me, showing me the sights.

I see stores like a boutique (Anxious Angel), a tattoo parlor (Umbra), a flower shop (Beanz), an occult shop (Bewitched), a fabric shop and fashion atelier (Kottr), a gym (IRON by Team Wildfire), a pet store/adoption center (Pombear) and I see a decoration service by Haiden Gothly herself.

Such a small town yet so full of life, people pass me by, I see people having impromptu parties on the sidelines, several restaurants like Thicc E Ds, Kwonloon Chinese Takeout, a convenience store called “Doggeh Mart”, a Cuddles N Corgi, Tito’s Tacos, Paolo’s Pizza and of course another StarPaws, but this time… a cart. Everything in here is quaint and looks lived in.

All the time while we are talking, she takes the time to look back and make sure I am getting the full experience. “So what now?” I asked her, she turned and walked me to the courtyard cafe outside of Corgi n Cuddles and ordered corgi pancakes for me, she then folder her hands and said. “We begin.”

If you wish to apply to become a contributor for The Corgo Cove Times, please head over HERE and apply.

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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