Chill Out Friday 04/02

Yesterday we had one of our most amazing Chill Out Fridays courtesy of the dynamic duo Mae and Ruvilyn who graced us by performing live with us this Friday!

This time the show started and finished strong! We had all types of people present for this amazing show, with songs performed by the Philipino girls varied from Earth, Wind & Fire’s September to Aqua’s Barbie Girl and The village People’s YMCA, at all times we had laughs, fun times and a marvelous crowd that kept partying with us.

Some of those present were both new faces and old friends of the Corgo Cove like Lilith, our host for the night, and both Ein and Marlowe working security. We saw Paradox, Rain, Ananya Mai [ Flickr ], FWF’s Alpha Champion Charlie Covfefe and FWF wrestlers like Ray and Turok, Shameru, RyeShure, Kimi Ayoade , Corgo Cove Resident Macchi, Rygads and of course Monochrome Owner Akuma!

Of course we had some amazing and fun moments, both ladies were able to showcase their powerful voices and how incredible they both are while not leaving the fun times aside or forgotten! The crowd was reactive and enjoying the moment and playing around back and forth with the energy both Mae and Ruvi were giving! It was absolutely wonderful!

You can see more about the performance in the highlight video below:

Published by Miwa

Management specialist, Photo/Videographer, Musician, DJ and Vlogger in Second Life

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