Corgo Cove Covenant

The following are the terms of agreement of renting at the Corgo Cove. You can review them here at any time and if this is your first time, please read the last part carefully.

  1. Corgo Cove Tenants enter an agreement on payment as soon as the rental mailbox is paid.
  2. Minimum tenancy at start is 4 weeks, after that you may add weeks as you see fit.
  3. There is a grace period for late tier of 24 hours, after which the rental will be reclaimed unless arrangements for late payment is made BEFORE the tier is due.
  4. Corgo Cove does not refund money, for any reason.
  5. For any of the following requirements, please send a report ticket form (found below).
    • Rental transfer from one resident to another.
    • Adding/removing subtenants to the box/group.
    • Adding/Removing people as subadmins from security system.
  6. Residents will be notified of any changes in this covenant.
  7. Any questions please contact a member of the management staff.
  8. About rezzing rights:
    • All Corgo Cove residents get a prim allowance limit upon entering contract.
    • We ask that you keep your prims within your apartments at all time.
    • Adult furniture is to be placed within your rental at all times.
    • All Corgo Cove residents get rezz rights anywhere on sim, please pick up after yourself.
  9. About adult/sexual actions on sim:
    • All adult and sexual actions are to just happen on the private areas.
    • No Local Chat roleplay is allowed, please keep it to IMs.
    • Escort Skyboxes are available for rent by anyone so feel free to use them if you plan on engaging in sexual or adult oriented actions.
  10. Reasons for termination of service:
    • Breaking any of the Corgo cove rules, Covenant or Linden Labs Terms of Service will result in a specific consequence, from a warning to an automatic ban from venue.
    • Please note that failure to read the rules or this covenant is no excuse nor exemption from consequences.

If this is your first time reading this covenant, please fill the following form, if it is not, you may disregard.

Support Ticket Form

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