Rules and Etiquette

    • Do not harass, stalk, or bully any visitor or citizen.
    • This is not the place for rumor-mongering or discrediting someone’s character and will not be tolerated.
    • Everyone has their own opinions; disagreements can happen at times. If you have a conflict with someone we strongly advise you to do your part and speak with the party of interest to resolve it. If it continues to occur, security may step in.
    • If someone asks you to use specific pronouns try your hardest to follow them, do not discard the request.
  2. THIS IS AN 18+ COMMUNITY meaning neither the sim, nor the discord are an acceptable place for underage audiences.
    • The point above is not by any means a green light to send unsolicited IMs or content.
    • We do not allow public sex.
    • Full nudity may happen in some events.
    • As for the sim, the following are prohibited: Kemono/<UTILIZATOR> avatars and products, child/baby/underage-looking/fetishizing avatars, soliciting or advertising without permission, vampire biting, firing of weapons, harassment/pushing/griefing, or begging for Lindens by any means.
  3. NO SPAMMING, neither on sim or discord.
    • This includes constant shouting, gestures, sounds and any other type of sound-generating item including but not limited to radios and sound emiting objects.
  4. In case of a conflict/disagreement/concern/question/complaint arises, please feel free to contact our security team so that our staff can address the issue at hand. You can @ staff in the #community-assistance channel in Discord, or you can DM Security.
  5. The following will NEVER be welcome within Corgo Cove and this will be enforced with 0 tolerance at all times: 
    • Pedophilia, zoophilia, transphobia, homophobia, racism, misogyny, texture ripping, copy botting as well as extremist politics and/or religion.
    • Please do not access any of the residences without permission from the renter.
    • Anyone found on a rental without the owner’s permission will be asked to leave, in case of failure, they will be booted of the land with a warning.
  7. The following is not allowed on sim: child/baby/underage-looking avatars or child-fetishizing avatars (basic kemono avatars fall under this), soliciting or advertising without permission, vampire biting, firing of weapons, harassment/pushing/griefing, or begging for Lindens by any means.
  8. About adult/sexual actions on sim:
    • All adult and sexual actions are to just happen on the private areas.
    • No Local Chat roleplay is allowed, please keep it to IMs.
    • Escort Skyboxes are available for rent by anyone so feel free to use them if you plan on engaging in sexual or adult oriented actions.
    • Just because there is sexual furniture on public areas it does not automatically grant permission to engage in said actions in public.
    • Consent is important. This is not an AFK sim, anyone caught engaging in these actions without the resident’s connsent will be banned on sight and a LL report will be made.
  9. About Escorting: While we do not offer said service at the Corgo Cove, we are not against those that do it. We just ask that they follow our rules and respect the space and rules.

Please note that failure to read the rules is no excuse nor exemption from consequences.

Enjoy your time with us!

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